Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Doubtful Sound, Gut Hut

Well, yesterday's paddle was a real battle with strong head winds - we managed around 26km in 4 hours but reached Gut Hut. Unable to report in until today as we had trouble with the batteries in the sat-phone, and we couldn't take the mountain radio with us as it was too big to carry (guess that's why they're called mountain radios), however now sorted and able to get weather data (fingers crossed) each evening from Bill Anderson in Dunedin. We had a great spot of fishing and a good variety of fish for dinner. Heading today to Dagg Sound in perfect weather.

More or less as reported by Max

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Anonymous said...

hello max,margaret,
lovely to see you all doing what you love the most.unfortunately for me ,i would be sea sick or rater river sick.i have been watching your adventure with great delight .looks a bit dangerous for me,all that water but would not mind the fish dinner.take care .
love michael from uk.