Monday, March 31, 2008

Summary of our earlier progress...

1st Day Jackson Bay to Hope River Hut, Barn Bay. Good days paddling with spectacular views going around Cascade Point.

2nd Day Hope River to Big Bay Hut. Stopped at Gorge River to visit Robert & Catherine Long. Paddled with a small pod of Hector Dolphins at Big Bay. They were very friendly and swam alongside our kayaks and leaping into the air. A very good day full of excitement.

3rd Day Big Bay to Martins bay. Rough seas from the South: Max capsized off Martins Bay but was able to safely roll up again. Could not make much progress and had a difficult landing at Martins Bay. Only did 16km.

4th Day Martins Bay to Poison Bay. Seas settling down. Stopped at entrance to Milford Sound for lunch – awesome views with towering cliffs. Found a good camping spot in Poison Bay.

5th Day Poison Bay to Caswell Sound. Very long paddle to-day – 62km. Conditions were perfect but we were really tired that night.

6th Day Caswell Sound to Gut Hut, Secretary Island. Strong winds from the north allowed us to surf all the way to Thompson Sound. Also had a good paddle to Doubtful Sound where we eventually found the Gut Hut.

7th Day Gut Hut to Deep Cove. Good day with spectacular views of sheer cliffs with small water falls cascading into the sea. Great to stay at the backpackers at Deep Cove and enjoy a hot shower.

8th Day Deep Cove to Gut Hut. Refreshed, restocked and ready to make our way further South. Thanks to Reg & Jo Calder for all their help.

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Anonymous said...

What a courageous pair of paddlers!We wish you all the best from Brunei.