Saturday, April 19, 2008

Our Journey Continues...

Firstly we would like to Thank you all for helping us along the way.

Our trip started off with some bad weather down to Dusky Sound, we had to be patient & wait it out until the weather became better.

Our five person trip turned into a 2 person trip as time went on. Both Bob & Ian ran out of time & had to get back to work & John left us earlier on.

We were then able to take advantage of the better weather & tides. The Fishing & Charter Boats in Dusky Sound & along the coastline were keeping an eye on us. On our way through Preservation Inlet the guys at Kisbee Lodge were also very helpful.

A big Thanks goes out to Bill & Mary, our friends from Palmerston North now living in Dunedin. Bill had a weather forecast waiting for us every night when we rang. Also Margaret, who relayed messages for us. Thanks to Matt who was our blog man & kept you up to date with our journey.

We will be traveling up to the National Sea Kayak Forum where we will do a presentation of our trip so far around Fiordland. Soon after, we will travel back down to Bluff & carry on our journey up to Dunedin where we will do another presentation at Watercooled Sports.

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