Thursday, April 10, 2008

Farewell Ian & Bob

Wednesday: E2001725 N5457760

Up at 5am! to farewell Ian and Bob who have left us to paddle up to Supper Cove to be choppered out at 4pm. Bob has run out of time available for the expedition, and Ian is suffering from a wrist injury.

Noises during the night (thought it was opossums) turned out to be a kiwi wanting to reclaim his patch.

Max & Melz headed south to West Cape (again) in similar conditions but this time only a 3m swell and made it to Newton River (just under West Cape). Both fit and well and enjoying the trip. The people they are meeting en-route (fishing boats etc) are really friendly and they've managed to score veal and venison sausages as well as a bit of blue cod.

Forecast is good for the next few days so we are hoping to make good progress down the coast over the next two days.

Stay tuned...

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