Sunday, April 6, 2008

Goose Cove to Anchor Island

(An excited Max reports...)
Sunday: Breezy wandering around Dusky Sound. Left Goose Cove early and visited Pigeon Island (E2007853 N5480325) whereRichard Henry set up the first bird sanctuary in New Zealand, and transferred as many flightless birds as he could from the mainland to avoid predation (read more here...)

Onward to Stop Island where the ship Waikare sank. The Captain ran the ship aground and all aboard landed safely more...

Indian Island (E2010749 N5470672) where the first encounter between Maori and European took place - the Maori family here were later wiped out by a Te Rauparaha war party.

We finished our day at Luncheon Cove on Anchor Island (E2006585 N5473919), the site of the first European house (for sealers) and where the first ship was built in New Zealand.

Big jump tomorrow, weather permitting, to Chalky Bay.

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