Friday, April 11, 2008

Great progress - at last!

Thursday 10th April. Great Progress.
Grid reference E2018062 N5432557

Paddled down from Newton River into Chalky Inlet, around inland side of Chalky Island and past Gulches Head. Very rough, confused conditions at this point. Paddled into Preservation Inlet and enjoyed going through all the big archways.

Met the very friendly people from Kisbee Lodge
who kindly provided us with our evening meal of crayfish and paua. Living like kings. On past the old gold mining town where there had been a pub and a post office but now only an A-frame hut.

Camped on Puysegur Point at oil shed where we have bunks and preparing for a good cookup. Spent 2 hours walking up to the Puysegur Lighthouse.

Really feel like we are making progress now. Plan to get to Knife bad Steel Harbour tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

congratulations on rounding the southern coastline. Very competent paddling rewarded with the most delicious oceanic cuisine and spectacular scenery. safe paddling love from Averil