Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Destination - Oreti Bay

Today our destination was Oreti Bay


To-day was very long and ended in a rough surf landing at Oreti Beach.
During the trip we kayaked through a bird feeding frenzy of Shearwaters,
shags and several different sea birds - it was a bit scary as fish were also
jumping out of the water. Also, just before surfing into Oreti Beach a
Hectors dolphin swam alongside our kayaks.

Phone call this morning, today will
be their final day, finishing at Bluff.

They hope to be at Bill's tonight and will send their final report along
with some more photos. Have to drive back up to Te Anau to get Bob's and
Ian's kayaks before going to Dunedin.

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Anonymous said...

A truly sensational expedition and great to view via this excellent site. Bravo. Enjoy your final day and safe travelling love from Averil