Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Clear Sky and a Calm Sea

Saturday 15th May
A good send off from the local community of Okarito and Melz & I kayaked out of the lagoon and into a moderate surf before continuing our journey towards Gillespies Beach, our planned stop for the night. Conditions were near perfect and as the sun rose into the sky, the snow capped peaks of the Southern Alps created a magificant picture against the clear blue sky. Stopped for lunch at Galway Beach before heading around Gillespies Pt. into the rougher sea breaking onto Gillespies Beach. A difficult landing with both of us having to perform an eskimo roll in the surf before riding our bows up the beach. For this final part of our trip we were fortunate enough to have my wife Margaret & Belinda Mulvany, who had driven up from Invercargill, supporting us along the way. We all spent an enjoyable night camped under the stars at the DOC camp site.

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Paul Gurney said...

Wow. Thats a great view from the sea.