Tuesday, April 13, 2010

An Unscheduled Rest Day

Well, after flying along yesterday, today is the pits!! We did make a start in front of several clicking cameras but decided once we were out there that it was no place to be, so came back in. It has been a miserable day weatherwise with strong winds and heavy rain. But the people have been great. Richard Saunders, who runs Okarito Nature Tours, very kindly lent us his car, a very big thank you to Richard. We headed off to see the towns of Franz Josef and Fox Glacier. We also drove out to Gillespie's Beach and were very glad we were not attempting to land there today. The surf was really thundering in. Melz and I walked some of the track, a very emotional time, remembering that 23 years ago we had walked this same track with Steve. It had been quite a long walk and Steven was easily tired but he was absolutely determined to go see the seals. This is a special place for us. As we drove back to Okarito the sun came out for a wee while. A good sign but I think we may be here for a few days.


Paul Gurney said...

Hi. Paul Gurney at Whataroa just inland from Okarito. Still kayaking a Maximus I bought in 2004. Did well going down the Waimak in C2C in that. Sorry the weather hasnt been flash for your bit round here. Will try and come out to see you off the beach in next few days. Good luck.

Paul Gurney
Whataroa, South Westland

Anonymous said...

You are both doing very well. Sounds like you are both getting stronger as the trip progresses. Not too far to go to Jacksons. Had a lot of wind and rain here last night (Marahau). Enjoy the rest before the last leg. Really enjoying following the blog.Cheers Al Rynn