Sunday, February 28, 2010

Taking a well earned 'rain check'

With a forecast for two days of strong Northerly winds of between 35 to 40 knotts, we decided to take a break & get back to work until the weather settled down again. And to finish off this section of our trip with something completely different, the Coast Guard arrived early to tell us that there was a Tsunarmi warning due to an 8.8 earthquake in Chile, and that we should be on the lookout for a 1 metre tidal wave to come through about mid morning.
By 10am we arrived at Waikawa Bay to be met by our good friend, Stuart Hart, who helped us load our kayaks onto his mate Trevor's truck. At the Harts home, Jenny treated us to hot showers, fresh bread & cups of ice cold fruit drink, luxuries we hadn't had for 3 weeks!
Melz & I are pleased to have finished the East Coast of the South Island & enjoyed making new friends along the way. As soon as sea conditions improve we'll be back to take on the remainder of our trip around the South Island - the notorious West Coast!

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Anonymous said...

well done guys,

Steve QK Oz