Sunday, December 7, 2008

We've made it to St Clair beach!

Started off from Toko Mouth with a 2 - 3 metre southerly swell and a slight southerly breeze, ideal conditions for a good paddle. Landed on Taieri Island about mid day and had lunch with a bunch of Little Blue penguins, while a couple of Yellow eyed penguins stroled over to our kayaks for a look see. Had to land in a big surf break at St Clair, but 'got it right' and impressed the local surf club, who invited us to use their facilities and stay there for the night. We would like to thank the St Clair Surf Club for allowing us to stay there and for the use of their showers and club rooms. Kayaked over 55km to-day. The forecast is good for kayaking around Cape Saunders and Taiaroa Head tomorrow into the Otago Harbour. Picture is of a yellow eyed penguin checking out Mel's kayak.

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